The Nebraska Bicycling Alliance, and its brand-new Executive Director Julie Harris, need YOUR help! 

NeBA was formed at the end of 2013 (I was honored to be asked to be an inaugural Board Member as a bike club representative) and has been operating as an all-volunteer organization until now.  Although Julie’s position is new, the organization has a strong foundation with 501(c)3 charitable status and a website,, and was instrumental in advancing bicycling legislation  


Julie and NeBA’s mission is to create a bicycle-friendly Nebraska for all by advocating for the safety and rights of bicyclists. Initial goals include: development of a strategic plan, development of a communications plan, crafting a legislative agenda for the next Unicam session, and developing strong relationships with law enforcement, corporate partners and bicyclists from all over the state. 


Julie’s and NeBA’s goal is to raise at least $50,000 of seed money before the end of 2015, so that she can evolve from an independent contractor to a salaried employee. She will be utilizing a variety of fundraising strategies, including engaging special donors that would be willing to contribute individually during the start-up phase. If you would be willing to talk to her, please let me know and I will connect you, or you can reach her directly at 402-699-3037 or


In the interim, if you would be so kind as to go to this link, and donate $30 or $60 to NeBA’s “A DOLLAR A DAY DURING MAY” campaign, our large group of small donations, can help Julie and NeBA raise 20% of their goal by June 2!

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