Keystone Trail Update

he Keystone Trail south of Grover around the I-80 overpass is a Papio Missouri River Natural Resources District erosion project.  They are installing curbing and inlets to catch runoff so it doesn’t run across the trail.  (I spoke to NRD representative Eric Williams, who has been responsive to any trail issues that you might find.  He stated that there are three areas of the trail that they are tackling to eliminate runoff.  The two in Bellevue are now done.  The one under the interstate starts tomorrow and is scheduled to take 20 business days… end of April…..Eric thought it would get done sooner.   They will be on sight from 7 to 5 to maybe you can get around when they are not there, but I would not suggest you try and go around barricades while they are working).

The section of trail near the new UNO facility should be reopened for use sometime in mid-April, according tho the latest report from Kiewit Construction.  Weather and problems with one of the bridge piers have unfortunately delayed the bridge construction.