Jack Mayfield Memorial

Fellow Cyclists,We are approaching the one-year anniversary of the death of our great friend, Jack Mayfield, who meant so much to the Dundee Chain Gang, Team Omaha VeloCity and the metro Omaha cycling community.

To honor him, Jack’s fellow Rocket Riders sub-group of the Dundee Chain Gang (led by Clark Landers, THANKS CLARK!) have done a lot of work and designed and had sculpted a beautiful metal to be installed in Stinson Park at our normal ride-start spot, which will to be dedicated on October 3 at the Jack Mayfield Memorial Ride. Deb Mayfield, and her children Conner and Katie, have been in the loop on this great project and are thrilled with this tribute to Jack. They will be in attendance at the Memorial Ride on October 3 along with Jack’s dear friend Alex Ipiotis, who spoke at his funeral service.

Please go to this link to view the bench and donate to its cost if you would be so kind to Jack’s memory, AND PASS THIS EAMIL ALONG TO YOUR CYCLING EMAIL LIST!


I will keep everybody informed of our progress and email again soon with details on Jack’s October 3 Memorial Ride and Tribute Bench dedication.  

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